Monopoly Online • Play Monopoly Board Game Online for Free

Monopoly Online • Play Monopoly Board Game Online for Free

Monopoly online is a popular board game where players roll 2 dices to move around the game board. Each player need to buy and trade properties and of course, build the properties with hotels or houses. By doing that they can take rent from their opponents and should drive them into bankruptcy. However, that’s not the only way to gain money. In the monopoly board game money can be earned or lost through the cards and tax squares. Each player can end up in jail and can’t move until they have met one of a few conditions. Monopoly online has many rules that players must follow. Did you know that you can play risk online, tetris unblocked, free online scrabble, cribbage online and head soccer unblocked on our site?

In the past you needed to buy the monopoly board game in order to play it. However, thanks to the technology now you can play monopoly online. Yes, you can play monopoly online against computer or with players around the world. The monopoly game is a fun and really a time-killer game.


Each player in monopoly online takes turn in order. The pieces move around the monopoly game board clockwise depending on the number given on the dices. When someone lands or goes through the start space, gets 200$ from the bank. However, if you land on tax or luxury taxa you need to pay the proper amount to the bank. Worth trying: Spades Online • Play Spades Card Game

Chance/Community Chest

If someone lands on a chance or community space, the player draw one card from the deck and follow its instructions. In the monopoly game online this may include paying or collecting money from the bank. In addition, it could indicate that you need to move to a different space on the monopoly game board.

Monopoly Online • Play Monopoly Online for Free


You can end up in jail in several ways. If you land directly with your playing piece on the “Jail” spot, you skip one turn. You can also go to jail if you throw 3 doubles in a row in just 1 turn. Or the least favorite one, you can draw a “Go to Jail” card when you land on a chance card.


If you land on an unowned property, you can buy that space for the price presented. In monopoly online if the player declines the offer, the property goes to auction by the bank and the highest bidder gets the place. If your piece lands on an owned property, you need to pay the rent according to its prices. The rent could be high or low. That depends on how much the property is build. Check this game: Jigsaw Puzzles Online • Play Free Jigsaw Puzzles

That’s the basic rules you need to know when you play monopoly game online. And we are going to stop here explaining how to play monopoly online because we are going to assume that you know already. And you didn’t come to this site to learn about its rules nor its history. You’ve come to this site because you want to play the monopoly game. On this site you can enjoy in monopoly online for as long as you want. If you don’t have company you can play against the computer. Or if you want to play with friends, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Go ahead and enjoy in the monopoly game as much as you want.

Monopoly Online • Play Monopoly Online for Free Today!