Cribbage • Play Cribbage Game Online for Free

Cribbage • Play Cribbage Game Online for Free

Cribbage or also known as crib is a card game for 2 players. However, it’s often played with three or four players. The game involves playing and grouping cards in combinations in order to achieve points.

The game has been characterized as “Britain’s national card game” and it’s one and only legally playable on licensed premises without the need of local permission. As the technology is going forward, now you can play cribbage online whenever you want. Whether you want to play with other people or just against the computer, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy now in a game of cribbage online right here, right now.


The game was created by an English poet in the early 17th century. This game is one of the most popular games in the English-speaking world. The main task in free online cribbage is to be the first 1st player to achieve a target number of points. Usually they are 61 or 121. Points are achieved for card combinations that add up to fifteen and for pairs, triples. Check this: Hearts Online • Play Free Hearts Game

This game holds a special place among America submariners. It serves as an “official” pastime. The playing time usually is 15 to 30 minutes. Unlike the past, when you needed a board and other players, now you can play cribbage game whenever you please, thanks to the internet.

Cribbage Online Game - Play Cribbage Game Online for Free


The play proceeds through a succession of “hands”. Each hand consists a deal, a play and a show. At any time during these stages, if one of the players reaches the score, which is usually 121, the play ends with that player being the winner of the game. In some cases, this can happen during the deal.

The Deal

The dealer shuffles and deals 5 or 6 cards to each player. That depends on the number of players. In the cribbage game, when 2 players are playing, each player gets 6 cards. When 3 or 4 players are playing, each is getting 5 cards. Once the cards are dealt, each player chooses 4 cards to keep, then discards the other one, which will be used later by the dealer.

The Play

Cribbage free game starts with the player on the dealer’s left. Each of the players when in turn lays one card face up on the table in front, stating the count. That is the increasing value of the cards that have been laid. The count mustn’t go above 31.

Players gain points during the play. For causing the count to reach exactly 15, a player achieves 2 points and the play continues. A run of 3 or more cards scores the number of cards in the run. In some cases, if a player cannot play without causing the count to be more than 31, he calls “go”.

The Show

When the play is over, each player when in turn displays his hand on the table. The players scores points based on its content if conjunction with the starter card. Points are achieved for combinations of cards making a score of 15. The dealer scores his hand last and turns the cards face up. These cards in the cribbage game are then gained by the dealer as an additional hand. Check this game: Bridge Online • Play Bridge Game for Free

We are going to stop right here. Since you are here, you are not looking to learn how to play cribbage. You are here because you want to play cribbage online. Well, don’t worry. You can play free online cribbage at this site. Invite your friends and start playing together. Or if you don’t have company, don’t worry. You can play cribbage game against the computer or players around the world. Go ahead and enjoy playing cribbage online.

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