Backgammon Online • Play Free Backgammon Game

Backgammon Online • Play Free Backgammon Game

Backgammon game is one of the oldest board games. In addition to this, the game can be found way back to discoveries in the Middle East. Backgammon online is a 2 player game where each player has 15 playing pieces or known as checkers. The checkers move between 24 triangles based on the roll of 2 dice. Backgammon online involves both luck and strategy from the dices. While the dices may decide how the game is going to be, the more skilled player will gather the better score over series of multiple games. Whether you have opponent or not, now you can play backgammon game whenever you want. Play backgammon with people around the world or against the computer.


The main goal of the free online backgammon is to be the first to “bear off”. That means, move all fifteen pieces off the playing board. Backgammon is a member of the tables’ family and it’s one of the oldest classes of board games. The game pieces are commonly known as draughts, stones, pips, pawns or checkers. In the most played types of this game the pieces are tossed at first. While the game is played, the pieces may be hit or blocked by your opponent. Each side of the playing board has a track of twelve long triangles or known as points. Those points create a path in the form of horseshoe. They are usually numbered from 1 to 24.

The most often setup is that each player of backgammon online starts with 15 playing pieces. Two of the pieces (checkers) are placed on their twenty four-point, 3 checkers on their eight-point and five each on their thirteen and six-point. Check this: Bridge Online • Play Bridge Game

Variants of free Backgammon

There are many different backgammon games. Some are played primarily throughout one geo region, while other variants add new and unique tactical elements to the game.


This is one of the types of backgammon online. The players in this game start with no playing pieces on the board. They must bear them on at the start of the game.


Hypergammon is another variant of the backgammon game. In this game players have only 3 pieces on the board. They start with 1 each on the 24-, 23- and 22-points. In addition, the game has been strongly solved. This means that exact equities are available for all 32 million available positions. Check this game: Cribbage • Play Cribbage Game Online

While there are many different games of backgammon online, you probably want the classic one. It doesn’t matter whether you came to this site looking to play the original one or some variants. Here you can enjoy in free backgammon game whenever you want. Also, you can enjoy a game with players around the world. Or, if you are new at this game you can play backgammon against computer. Learn some tactics and then take on the other players.

Backgammon Online • Play Backgammon Game Online for Free Today!