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Checkers • Play Checkers Game Online for Free

Online checkers is a group of strategy board games for 2 players which involve diagonal moves of the pieces. The checkers game is also known as draughts. The most popular forms of free checkers are played on an 8×8 checkerboard. There are many other variants for 8×8 boards.

The classic variant of 8×8 was solved in 2007. In addition, from the standard beginning position, both players can get a draw with a perfect play. It is one of the oldest board games that’s active for nearly 5,000 years now. Thanks to the internet now you can play checkers online whenever you want. Check this game: Monopoly • Play Monopoly Online

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The online checkers game is played by 2 people, sitting on opposite sides of the board. One of the players controls the dark pieces and the other player, the light ones. Each player is only controlling his pieces. A move includes moving a piece diagonally to near unoccupied square. The main objective in free checkers is to either capture all of the other player pieces or to blockade them. If in some cases, neither player can accomplish the above, the checkers game is draw. In almost all different types of this board game online, the person without pieces remaining or who cannot because he is blocked loses the round.


Similar games have been played for thousands of years. A board that looks like this board game was found in “UR”. The board is assuming to be nearly 3,000 years BC. During the 1950s was created one of the first board game-playing programs of any kind. In addition, in 2007 a group of developers, created a program to the point where the opponent is unbeatable. In one study, it took hundreds of computers working for nearly 15 years to solve the game. They came to conclusion that the game will always result in a draw if neither of the players make a mistake.

I myself enjoy playing any time I get bored. So the real reason you’ve visited this site is to play online and not to learn how to play. Or learn some of its history.  If you don’t like playing against the computer, you can play checkers online multiplayer. Or, if you are new you can take on the computer at first to get your strategy in a decent place. Once you get ahold of the game, you can play free online checkers against other players. Playing free checkers can be a real time killer and fun. Check also: Jigsaw Puzzles • Play Free Jigsaw Puzzles Online

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