Rogue Soul • Play Rogue Soul Game Online for Free

Rogue Soul • Play Rogue Soul Game Online for Free

If you are a fan of rogue soul, you’ve come to the right place. The rogue soul game is a runner game that’s created by SoulGame Studios. The game was such a success that made the developers to create a sequel to the game. Check this: Super Smash Flash • Play SSF Game


Each player starts with the protagonist, Rogue Soul which steals an apple from a nearby seller. A few moments later, he notices a wanted poster with his name on it for a 43 soulon bounty. He’s a little proud of his little disturbance and continues his way. However, he notices another poster for someone Borin Hood whose soulon bounty is 5000. He gets angry and determined to do better and starts his journey to become the most wanted thief in that town. In this site you can find Rouge Soul unblocked. What does that mean? Well, many gaming sites are blocked in places such as school. However, rouge soul unblocked on this site means you can play from anywhere you want. Play rogue soul online whenever and as much as you want. For those who want easier game, we’ve got rogue soul hacked.


Before starting the rouge soul game, each player needs to go through a tutorial level that explains the basics of the game. The main objective in the game is to beat the bounty of 5000 soulons. You can see your total bounty at the top right corner of the screen. Your bounty increases when you kill enemies, steal treasure and when you run. In order to move forward or backwards, you need to use the right and left arrows. If you need to jump, use the up arrow key. Whenever you find yourself on a platform, you can drop down using the down arrow key. Keep in mind that daggers are limited and if you want to throw one use the “G” button.

Rogue Soul • Play Rogue Soul Game Online for Free


While you are on the run, you can pick up coins and treasures and by doing that you will add to your total bounty which can be checked at the right top corner. There are different types of treasure collected that will also yield loot, which are achievements in the game.


While you play rogue soul game you will face lots of different enemies. Each enemy has unique skills of attacks. Whenever you beat someone, your bounty will increase. The basic enemies are introduced in the tutorial. However, you will face a lot tougher enemies that the first ones. Check this also: Jewel Quest • Play Jewel Quest Game for Free Online

That’s quite enough of the gameplay of the game. You’ve come to this site to get some quality action of rogue soul online and not read all about it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. As we mentioned before this is rogue soul unblocked, allowing you to play this game from anywhere you are. In addition, we have the rogue soul hacked if you want to play it that way. Enjoy in the rogue soul game as much as you want and whenever you want.

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