Super Smash Flash • Play SSF Game Online for Free

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Super Smash Flash • Play SSF Game Online for Free

Super Smash Flash is a fighting browser game. The super smash flash game is based on the series of super smash bros. However, the original super smash is built of the Nintendo game. It’s been quite a long time with us. It was released on April 21st, 2006. And since then it’s one of the most played games around. Thanks to the internet now you can play smash flash whenever you want. On this site you play the game entirely for free. Go ahead and enjoy super smash online anytime you want.


The main objective is to take enemies down. That means they need to fall down off the screen. Unlike many other fighting games, in super smash flash, players are given a percentage counter instead of a bar that indicates the health. The percentages increase as they get more kicks. When you get a higher percentage you send the player farther. That may result into a KO. In the original super smash flash, each character has 5 attacks which are activated by pressing the “P” button. That goes along with an arrow key. In addition, some of the characters come with an extra attack when they jump. Super Mario Online • Play Super Mario Bros

Game Modes

Unlike many other games, super smash gives the players several modes. In the super smash flash game you have single-player and multiplayer mode. Don’t worry. Whether you are looking for a single-player or multiplayer mode we’ve got you covered. In this site you can play smash flash online in any mode you want.


In the single-player mode you are given a bunch of campaigns to beat a series of computer enemies. You make an appearance in events that come with specific goals to clear, mini-game to test the player and stuff like this. Players while playing the super smash flash game are awarded with many rewards and other collectibles. In addition, the game features three single-player modes. You have regular match where players can choose between adventure and classic modes. In stadium several mini-games and challenges are pitched to the player such as destroying 8 targets and a training mode, where you can practice your skills by setting several obstacles of your own.

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If you were looking for super smash flash multiplayer, don’t worry. You and your friend can play on this site. You probably know that you are playing on the same computer and not on different locations. This mode is pretty much like the single-player, except the fact that you can battle the enemies together. That means you can go in adventures together. Bejeweled • Play Bejeweled Games Online

While this is fun to explain, we need to stop. That’s because we are going to spoil all the fun that awaits you. You’ve come to this site to play super smash flash online and not learn all about it. So whether you like playing alone or with a friend we’ve got you covered. Just choose the mode you like and start playing.

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