Jewel Quest • Play Jewel Quest Game for Free Online

Jewel Quest • Play Jewel Quest Game for Free Online

This game is a tile matching video game that’s developed and published by a well-known developer’s, iWin. Jewel quest was first created for PC and sometime later it has been redeveloped for Symbian S60, the Xbox 360’s and many other platforms. The jewel quest game features 180 different levels and is set within the Mayan culture. In addition, there are thirty-six grids that are played through and each is played 5 times. Each next indicates a new level of difficulty. In the past, in order to play jewel quest you needed to download the game first. However, thanks to the internet now you can enjoy in jewel quest online anytime you desire. On this site you can play jewel quest online as much as you like. Related game: Play Bejeweled Games Online Free


This game is popular because of many reasons. The game is a puzzle that’s played on a grid loaded with different tokens. Those tokens can be diamonds, coins, skulls and gold nuggets. Each player can swap any 2 adjacent tiles, as long as the swap leads to a vertical or horizontal line of three or more matching pieces. The matched pieces vanish which allows other playing pieces to trop into the empty spaces above. And yes, if more matched sets form as they fall down, they vanish as well. You should be able to notice that whenever a tile vanishes, the background turns gold. In order to finish the level in free jewel quest online you must turn every square to gold.

Jewel Quest • Play Jewel Quest Game for Free Online

If he/she fails to do that within the time-limit, or in some cases gets in a situation where there are no swaps possible, costs 1 life and sends you back to the start of the same level. As you go through the game, new different types are presented to make the gameplay level harder. That could mean it would show irregularly-shaped grids, pieces that need to be matched several times in order to clear them completely from the board.

Scoring and lives

When a set of playing pieces are successfully matched, the player in free jewel quest achieve points based on the number of tiles matched. And also on the number of “cascaded” matches that have appeared. Black pieces or also known as “Cursed” make appearance in later levels. Keep in mind that the black tiles can be removed safely through a “cascaded” match. If he/she runs out of time in the level, or gets in a situation where there are no moves available, he/she loses a life and starts that level from the start. Check this also: Kingdom Rush • Play Kingdom Rush Game Online

That’s about enough explaining how the game it’s played or its plot. You’ve come to this site to play jewel quest. Well, guess what? On this site you can play the jewel quest game as much as you like. This free jewel quest site is available to anyone of us in anytime and anywhere we want.

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