Tic Tac Toe / XO Game • Play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe Online Multiplayer

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Tic Tac Toe / XO Game • Play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe Online Multiplayer

Tic tac toe game is/was a pencil and paper game made up for 2 players. Also common name is xo game. Players take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 box. The person who succeeds in making 3 of their marks in any row wins the game. However, players discovered that if each player plays the best, the game will lead to a draw. This means this game is played often by young children. We mentioned earlier that the xo game “was” a paper and pencil game because of the internet. Developers made this game playable on the internet for quite a long time now. Now you can enjoy xo game whenever you want. You can also search for tic tac toe online game for 2 players since some sites like this one, support tic tac toe multiplayer.

Tic Tac Toe - XO Game


Games played on three-in-a-row boards can be traced back to ancient Egypt. An early development of tic-tac-toe was played in the Roman Empire. The name of the game was three pebbles at a time. So, instead of having any number of pieces, each player had 3. That means they had to move them around the board to keep playing.

The first reference to “noughts and crosses”, which is a British name, appeared in 1858. There are many people who are calling it xo game, but in the US the game was renamed to tic tac toe during the 20th century. Check this game: Cribbage • Play Cribbage Game Online


Many board games share the same concept of trying to be the first to get n-in-a row. This game is an instance of an m,n,k-game, where 2 players make moves on an mxn board until one player gets k in a row. Other variations of the game:

  • 3D xo game on a 3x3x3 board. I this variant, the first player has an easy win by playing in the center.
  • In “wild” tic-tac-toe game, players can choose a place either X or O on each move.
  • There is also numerical version of this game. The numbers from 1 to 9 are used in this game. The first player on move plays with the odd numbers, the second plays with even numbers. Keep in mind that the numbers can be used only once. The first one to put down 15 points in a line wins. That is the sum of total 3 numbers.

While there are many variants of this game, you probably are searching for the ultimate tic tac toe online. Well, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are searching for numerical or classic or any type of this game, you can find it right here. You can also play tic tac toe multiplayer. You can play with a friend or play with some other players around the world. Enjoy a xo game anytime you want. Check also: Play Bridge Online • Play Bridge Game

Tic Tac Toe Online • Play Tic Tac Toe Game Free Online Today!