Jigsaw Puzzles • Play Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Game Online

Jigsaw Puzzles • Play Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Game Online

Jigsaw puzzles are tiling puzzles that require the assembly of oddly shaped pieces. Each piece contains a small part of a picture on it. When the player completes the whole puzzle, it gives us the complete picture. These days you can enjoy tons of free jigsaw puzzles anytime you want. In the past, you needed to buy one in order to play.

Some harder to solve puzzles appeared later in the market, such as puzzles showing optical illusion. In the free online puzzles you’ll get an image of nature, buildings, repetitive designs etc. If you are looking to solve jigsaw puzzles online, you’ve come to the right place. In this site you can find tons of jigsaw puzzle games waiting for you to solve them. In addition, you can find free online jigsaw puzzles for adults that are harder to complete. Check this: Sudoku Online • Play Free Sudoku Puzzles


The first jigsaw puzzle is believed to be produced around 1760. The cartographer John Spilsbury, from London, brought to use the very first jigsaw puzzle games. The early jigsaws that are known as dissections were produced by mounting maps on sheets of hardwood. They created a puzzle which was useful for the teaching of geography.

Cardboard puzzles were introduced to use during the late 1800s. However, they were slow to replace the original wooden puzzles because the producers thought the cardboards puzzles would be taken as a low quality to the game. The sales of wooden jigsaw puzzles fell around after World War 2. That’s because the prices of wood started increasing.

Jigsaw Puzzles • Play Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Game Online


The jigsaw puzzle games come in different sizes. The smaller puzzles are considered to be those puzzles that come with 300, 500 and 750 pieces. Now you can find puzzles that come with 40,000 pieces. These kinds of puzzles are for those people who are seeking for more challenge. In addition, there are smaller jigsaw puzzles that are mainly developed for kids. You can play free online jigsaw puzzles right on this site. You can also choose the difficulty level in order to get the level you are looking for. The most often layout for a thousand-piece puzzle is 38 pieces by 27 pieces. You can choose whatever level you like. Related game: Word Search • Play Word Finder Online for Free

On this site you can enjoy a daily jigsaw puzzle whenever you please. Since you are here, to play and not learn all about jigsaw puzzles go ahead and enjoy. On this site you can find free jigsaw puzzles to play online ranging the difficulty level from easy to hard. Enjoy free jigsaw puzzles whenever you want.

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