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Free Mahjong Online • Play Mahjong Solitaire Games

Free Mahjong

Mahjong story is very interesting and fascinating. There are many myths about the origin of the game and it is not known exactly when it was invented or who the brains behind it was. Many of these myths have no historical foundation and the first tiles of the nineteenth century.

However, because of the story of mahjong, I will present some of my favorite myths about Mahjong. He said that the development of the game started to China Royal Court about the year 500 BCE, and only the noblemen were allowed to play. Locals who have been found to play mahjong ran the risk of beheaded. Later, in 500 AD, the ban was lifted, but free mahjong was open to the public spread around the world.

Other sources claim that Confucius of free mahjong, who lived in the same century, invented mahjong with another series of free online mahjong, but there is no record of a former tile.

Few people know that mahjong has very different rules than mahjong free solitaire game today. In fact, the first free mahjong online game is multiplayer only, and changes in the rules appeared later with the passage of the free online mahjong by other countries.

The game also renamed Mahjong or Mah-Jongg in the United States and most of the amended rules. After its adoption by countries around the world, Mahjong became very popular because it has created a global shortage of ivory and bone plate around the 1920.

The rules are slightly modified in each country according to local culture. American Mahjong is a very simplified version of Chinese. The rules make the British were the closest traditional free Mahjong. However, he offered some “mixed” or more hands.

Ironically, the free mahjong is banned in China, the country of origin, after the communist revolution in the late 1940s due to the fact that mahjong. Free Mahjong online was admitted as a legal only 20 years after the Cultural Revolution.

Different variations of free Mahjong games to play online

Mahjong game history dating back more than 1,200 years ago, mahjong is a game to pass the time when you are free or want to relax your mind. Originally from China, mahjong has spread to many other parts of the world with more than 20 points coming into the process.

Its rules are not changed, any big difference, and the general objectives of the game are the same in all variations. Here are some of these variations of the free online mahjong that can be easily found on the Internet from anywhere connected.

  • China’s official – models of mahjong are based on international regulations, which was launched by the Chinese Sports Committee in 1998. Mahjong with its strict rules of the free online mahjong, mahjong has set the standard for international football to ensure that free mahjong interest is recognized and taken as a sport and each other. This standardization made official Chinese Mahjong game to gain greater popularity than any other.
  • Hong Kong – this is another version of free mahjong very popular in China. In fact, it is more convenient for the game of free mahjong as it is played at a fast pace, and a double winner counted when the game is over. Also, you have more opportunities to score the second over.
  • United States – this is one alternative and that is the most difficult and unite with the rogue of not less than five cards. It is popularly used in mahjong of the American League.
  • Taiwanese and Japanese: Taiwanese version of the game has a total of 16 files for each player, and Japan is usually found only in free mahjong video games.

In addition, there are many other version of mahjong game that carry with them a lot of sense and popularity. This may include Chinese transition, classical European, French, German and Dutch, so you do not miss a game played all over the world. The popularity of free mahjong can be attributed to a strong position in the Chinese culture, which saw the release of even films show exceptional little play. In addition, establishing rules and regulations that allow more credible competition of mahjong in the world, and his first major championship was held in a 2002 in local Chinese city called Ningbo.

Mahjong game can prove to be a very effective way to pass the time for fun, but you have to consider all versions of mahjong for a chance to settle in the best and most appropriate.

Free Mahjong Online – Be familiar with the basics and win

All online game ends in one of two results win or lose, and no one likes to lose. Free Mahjong is a Chinese-like game where you can be a winner or a loser at the end of the game. I’m sure you do not want to lose again.

But how is it possible to win Mahjong online every time? Do you and those who love to play Mahjong game to win, not to lose? So, the best thing you can do is to learn more about the best game the more you know the odds of winning. There are two ways to approach the free online mahjong, or you can download or play online Mahjong. Most people like to play free mahjong online. Mahjong makes everything more exciting.

Some fancy math and luck can help you win Mahjong online. The game includes a set of 144 tiles, including:

  • 108 cards are divided into three seeds of Chinese characters, bamboo and circles; More or less the same club, knife and diamond cards can be found in mahjong. They were all inscribed 1-9
  • 16 mahjong tiles are thick and 4 represent the four directions: north, east, west and south. 12 online mahjong tiles contain 3 white dragon represents the bonus tiles, and red and green. Plus 8 bonus tiles for a total of 24 Mahjong tiles, flowers online for free. Finally, it includes three dice and wind indicator. Wind indicator determines the direction of Mahjong games.

This is exactly what the play Mahjong, however, you can win, and the cardinals, what are the instructions for mahjong? For most of the guidance game contains all the information on how to play the game. But if you want to win, you can use some of the forums and online discussions Mahjong where people around the world share their tips, tricks and techniques to win free mahjong.

Mahjong are different types, where table’s structure and rules are still common, but the difference is in facilities that match the difficulty level and a sense of how the objects must correspond. Some online Mahjong accepts all pairs of Mahjong tiles, and some accept it, according to the model that the tables will be accepted.

Free Mahjong Games

Are you interested in discovering how and where to play mahjong game online? As you’ve probably noticed, if you try to write “free mahjong games” in your search engine, you get all kinds of strange and wonderful mahjong versions – plus the usual load of unnecessary spam sites. If you can be bothered to plow through everything we hope to stumble upon a free mahjong game of the kind he had in mind. But we all know what can be a successful process. So we’ll quickly summarize what’s out there.

If you are looking for free mahjong games, you actually have three basic options.

First, you can go to a multiplayer game site and use their ‘Play Free Mahjong’. This means you can play a game of free mahjong “right” against others. These sites are becoming more and more popular, especially since online gambling laws in the United States reduce gambling options for many players. Once you have played for mahjong for a while, you still have the option of opting to pay to play games where you can start winning prizes!

Alternatively, you can go to one of the Mahjong games’ the many sites and choose a solitary mahjong tile set. These places have a varied menu of games, and most of them these days include some free mahjong tile game. Usually you can choose to download or play mahjong online. They usually have to endure a lot of pop-up windows and advertising because that’s the way they make their money. Some prefer to avoid advertising by offering the possibility of tournament cash games, where you are competing against other players to get the best score. Again, it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready for it.

Your third option is to go to a site that provides software to download free mahjong. These types of sites are like software supermarkets with all types of software available for download.

Usually you can choose between a mahjong versions or with additional features such as free updates, game levels of “experts” or better graphics. Of course, you would have to pay for the higher version of the specifications.

So now you know what your options are. Choose depends on which type suits your preferences. The next step, of course, is to choose between sites that fall into each category… But that is another topic!

Fortunately, you will be glad to know that there are places out there that can save you time and effort of all that research. For a thorough and objective review of the best mahjong games out there (and a whole load of mahjong other resources), check out.

Free Mahjong – an authentic version and tapeworm

In a world where there is so much stress, people often seek relief and free time in activities that entertain and active. Team games are a nuisance and a way to socialize for centuries. There was a time, group games are geographically specific, and many of them were unknown in other parts of the world. This “dark era” is over, thanks to the media, especially through the World Wide Web.

One of those games that Western civilization is simply ignoring the Chinese board free game mahjong. Free mahjong game, is a tiles game that is played on three or more persons under the rules. Free mahjong is not so easy to play, and many get discouraged at first. This requires observation skills, logical thinking and some luck. Mahjong was mistakenly returned to the Western world in 1981 when Brodie Lockard invented the now famous computer version under the name Shanghai Solitaire.

In this article, we will focus on the solo version of mahjong, because it is easier to play, and is also available on the Internet for anyone, anywhere, regardless of age.

After Lockard develops Shanghai Solitaire, other programmers have created a variation on the classic tile with additional rules. See all changes.

In the Shanghai conventional chips stacked in more than one layer. The goal is to remove all the chips from the board matching two of the same or, in some cases, the same color chips. What makes this game the most interesting couples from other games is that there are certain rules. In this version, you cannot combine the two tiles that are not covered by other tiles and have their left or right side free, some mahjong games are timed and require more attention, while others free mahjong game are in a relaxed way.

After the success of the classic procedural issue has become a banana and began to invent different versions of free mahjong with additional matching rules. Today’s version of mahjong is the most played free Mahjong ever. The plates are placed on the map (screen) in a single layer, and the goal is to create a link between two identical tiles and remove them from the screen to more chips on the board. Only connect identical tiles that are not more than three (without ending the second tile) straight lines away from each other.

The so-called versions free Mahjong closely related to the classical version. In these mahjong games online the rules of the free mahjong are slightly different. You can match two identical tiles that are not covered and have horizontal and vertical clearance. Therefore, both horizontal and vertical page are not blocked by other tiles instead of the left or right necessary for free.

These are the three basic categories of free Mahjong Solitaire, of course, there’s more, but can easily be replaced with any other doubles. Other games with tiles and a set of rules within one category mahjong games, because each has different rules.

In general, these three basic categories Mahjong is an easy way for people to relax, have fun and keep your mind active.

Free Mahjong Online • Play Mahjong Solitaire Games

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