Super Mario Online • Play Super Mario Bros for Free

Super Mario Online • Play Super Mario Bros for Free

Mario online is a video game developed and published by Nintendo. Originally it was developed in 1985 in Japan and was only for the Nintendo platform. Thanks to the internet now you can enjoy super Mario bros online whenever you want. Players are able to control Mario, the main character in the game, or his brother Luigi when played multiplayer. You help them travel the Mushroom Kingdom in order to rescue the princess from the antagonist, Bowser.

The game was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka and was originally planed as a farewell to the Famicom in Japan. Super Mario online is often considered as one of the greatest video games of all time. The game was so successful; they’ve managed to sell over 40 million physical copies. The original Nintendo fell down over the years. However, for all those people who still want to play Mario, we can help. In this site you can play Mario online absolutely for free.


In Mario online, the player plays the role of Mario. The main task in the game is to go through the Mushroom Kingdom. While you travel, you have to survive the antagonist forces and rescue the princess. As many other games, you play Mario with side-scrolling platform. You need to move from the left side to the right in order to reach the flag pole at the end of each level. The world you play into features coins scattered around for you to collect and special bricks that are marked with a question mark.

Super Mario Online • Play Super Mario Bros for Free

The players when hit from below, those bricks may reveal more coins or a special item. During the play, if you gain a super mushroom, Mario grows and gets the ability to break bricks above him. This is considered as an “extra life”. That’s because when you get hit in this mode, Mario returns to his regular form instead of dying. Each player starts with 3 lives and may gain extra lives by picking up green spotted orange mushrooms which are hidden in the bricks.

The super Mario flash carries eight different worlds with four sub-levels in each world. The final stage of each world takes place in a castle where the antagonist, Bowser, is fought above suspension bridge. However, keep in mind that the first 7 of these Bowsers are the fake ones. Check this game: Metal Slug Online • Play Metal Slug Game


In Mario online, the character’s primary attack is jumping on top of enemies. However, on this field we have many different opinions. Some might think the fireballs he throw, are better than jumping on enemies etc. That’s in short for the gameplay of Mario online. However, if you are looking for super Mario 63, don’t worry. We’ve got that mode in this site as well. The gameplay is very similar, so we are not going to explain how it’s played.


In the fantasy world of Mushroom Kingdom, a tribe of turtle-like creatures invade the kingdom and uses the magic to turn its residents into inanimate objects such as bricks and stones. The main antagonist Bowser and his army, also kidnap the princess. In Mario online the princess is the only one with the ability to reverse Bowser’s spell. When Mario hears the news, he sets out to save the princess and free the kingdom. When you play Mario you have to travel through the kingdom and fight bowser’s armies along the way. You must reach the last world and defeat him in order to save the princess and the kingdom. Check this also: Ping Pong Online • Play Ping Pong Game

That’s enough of the plot and the gameplay. Since it’s one of the greatest games of all time, you probably know how to play it. Go ahead and play Mario online right here on this site. If you want multiplayer, you can play that too. Play super Mario flash 3 on this site entirely for free.