Video Poker • Play Poker Online Game for Free

Video Poker • Play Poker Online Game for Free

Video poker is a very popular casino game that’s based on five card draw poker. The game became workable when the opportunity to combine a TV-monitor with a central processing unit showed up. It’s one of the best ways to play poker online for a very long time now. The first models appeared on the marked in the same time the first personal computers were built. Video poker was more established when SIRCOMA introduced Draw Poker in 1979. However, as the technology was going forward, we are introduced to free video poker on our computers. You can play poker online right here in this site whenever you want.

The Game

When the player inserts money in the machine, the play begins after placing a bet and pressing the deal button. In video poker you receive 5 cards and you have the option to discard one or more of them in exchange for new ones. The new cards are also drawn from the same virtual deck. When the draw is over, the machine pays out if the hand is matched with one of the wining combinations. Check this game: Risk Online • Play Risk Board Game

Video Poker • Play Poker Online Game for Free

Unlike the original table version, free video poker allows the players to discard all 5 of their cards if they want. What you don’t have to worry about is losing money because in this site you can play poker online games as long as you want. There’s no real money required.


There are many different games of video poker. You can play deuces wild, where a 2 plays a wild card. Joker’s Wild, where the joker serves as a wild card. A wild card in card games is the card that can represent any other playing card and increase your chance of win. In the games that don’t come with a wild card, the player on average will get the rare 4 of a kind hand roughly once every 500 hands. There are a lot of variations of the original video poker. While there are many games, video poker games online are available in 3 states: New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. In these states gambling is legal as long as the players can validate their identity. Check this also: Super Mario Online • Play Super Mario Bros

However, you are not here to lose some money. You’ve probably visited this site to play free poker. And we have great news. You’ve come to the right site. Enjoy video poker as long as you want without spending a dime. Play online poker with your friends right now.

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