Kingdom Rush • Play Kingdom Rush Game Online for Free

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Kingdom Rush • Play Kingdom Rush Game Online for Free

Kingdom Rush is a strategy tower-defense game that’s created by Ironhide Game Studio. Even though it’s created by them, it’s published by Armor Games. It was released as a free browser game. And as time went by, the game became available on iPad and Android. Unlike many sites, on this site you can play kingdom rush unblocked. Yes, it’s available from any place or any device you want to play. Kingdom Rush online is one of the most popular and successful tower defense game since its creation. Go ahead and enjoy the game whenever you want. Check this game: Risk Online • Play Risk Board Game


The game which you already know is a tower defense game that’s set in a medieval fantasy setting. Each level in the the game shows a pre-determined track with empty slots all around. The empty slots are known as “Strategy Points”. That’s the spaces where each player can build his own towers. You are presented with several types of towers such as mages, barracks, artillery and archers. You probably know that each tower costs a certain amount of money to build and later to upgrade the same tower. When you play the game, the player gets some money at the start of each new level. That money can be used only to build the first towers. As soon as you start the kingdom rush game, you will see enemies emerging from one end of the track.

Kingdom Rush • Play Kingdom Rush Game Online for Free

The towers your created earlier must be able to take down each enemy to prevent them reaching the end of that track. The one you are defending. However, you won’t be left alone just with the towers. You can also rely on heroes and spells in order to help the towers. In addition, you earn money each time you kill an enemy. The kingdom rush game has been with us for a quite long time now. It’s considered to be one of the best tower defense games. Check this also: Monopoly Online • Play Monopoly Board Game

We are going to assume that you already know how to play the game and stop explaining. You’ve visited this site to play kingdom rush online. Well, we’ve got great news. You can enjoy the game online as much as you like. And as we’ve mentioned earlier, unlike many sites on this one you get kingdom rush unblocked. That means you can play from any computer, anywhere. Go ahead and enjoy the kingdom rush game.


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