Metal Slug Online • Play Metal Slug Game Online for Free

Metal Slug Online • Play Metal Slug Game Online for Free

Metal Slug game is a run and gun video game created by Nazca Corporation. It was released in 1996 for the Neo Geo MVS arcade platform. Metal Slug online is widely known for its fluid hand-drawn animation and fast-paced two player action. It has been ported to the Neo Geo CD, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Switch and much more platforms.

These days you can enjoy in a metal slug game whenever you want, thanks to the internet. It’s another awesome way to throw back into the past when we spent days and days playing metal slug. You can play metal slug online right here in this site. The metal slug online game is entirely free to play for you.


You might be familiar with the gameplay of the Metal Slug game. However, for those who aren’t, we are going to explain in short how it’s played. The player must shoot continuously at a continual stream of enemies in order to reach the end of the level. When you’ve reached this point, the player confronts a boss, who is normally tougher than the other enemies. When proceeding to each level, the player may find different weapon upgrades and tanks. The tank is known as SV-001. The tank not only increases your offense, but increases your defense as well. Check the game: Snake • Play Snake Game

Metal Slug Online • Play Metal Slug Game Online for Free

In addition to shooting, you can perform melee attacks with knife. The player(s) don’t die simply by contact with enemies. Much of the game’s scenery is also destructible, which will reveal extra power-ups and things like that. While you play a level, you may also run in prisoner of war (POWs). If you free him, he will offer bonuses in form of weapons or power-ups.


In the Metal Slug game the year was 2028. The evil general Morden with his rebel army has launched an attack on the government. While you play metal slug online you will notice that his most recent attack has given him access to a form of all-terrain combat tank dubbed “metal slug”. After player(s) battle their way through thousands of rebel soldiers, you will face off Morden himself. He will be in a heavily armored helicopter. The main objective is to reach the end of the game and defeat the evil general. After killing Morden, you destroy his base of operations. Play this: Jigsaw Puzzles • Play Free Jigsaw Puzzle

Let’s stop sharing every detail of the game and let you find out what’s there for you. The metal slug game was and is still one of the most played 2D games. You can enjoy in metal slug online on this site as long as you want. Play metal slug online game on this site. Whether you like playing alone or with other player, we’ve got you covered.