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Online Scrabble • Play Online Scrabble Word Game Free Today!

Online Scrabble

This popular online scrabble word game has now made its way to mobile devices and Facebook, thanks to the publisher Electronic Arts (The Sims FreePlay, Monopoly Online). It has never been so easy to connect free scrabble with friends or just random people to play scrabble online. But before pointing out the specific characteristics of this scrabble application, we will give you a brief introduction to the rules of scrabble online in case you do not know them. This online scrabble game for mobile devices and social networks is more or less a digitized version of the original table game.

Online scrabble has a game board that is divided into a grid of 15×15 squares. In the middle, there is a star, symbolizing the starting point of the game. Each scrabble player has a set of seven letters to play scrabble online, which are distributed from a small bag. After each scrabble online player places some of his chips on the free scrabble game board, he has to pick up the same number of chips again to have seven again. Only words can be formed as in crosswords, horizontally and vertically. Also, every new word you create must be connected to the cards already placed on the scrabble game board. Each letter has a certain value of points. The more difficult letters have a greater number of points. Also, the scrabble game board has several special boxes in which multiply the value of the words formed or the letters used. It all depends on what you put the box on the board specifically.

The scrabble online rules are intuitive and easy to learn should you to play scrabble online, surely you have no problem playing! Online scrabble is now available for free of charge on Facebook and Android and iOS mobile devices. Easily challenge your friends around the world wherever and whenever you want. If they are busy … you just have to play  scrabble against other players at random!

The scrabble, also called Melimots on some sites, knows an immense success being free scrabble.
Its format seems easily adaptable to the game on the Internet, but are there good variants of online scrabble without download?
We have found for you the best placesto play scrabble online, on your computer or your mobile.
Start an online scrabble game

Play the real scrabble on tablet or smartphone
The official application: Scrabble from Electronic Arts
If Mattel is still the publisher of the free scrabble board game, it is the famous video game company Electronic Arts that has the real license of the game for mobile or tablet.
The touch interface of the iPhone or the iPad is indeed particularly adapted for the use of this online scrabble letter game, available by clicking on a link. You can also find the official dictionary here.
Some online scrabble users complained about the lack of updates, especially at the level of the dictionary which refused certain common words: this concern seems now solved.
A scrabble online application for Android is also available, for owners of a Samsung device rather than Apple. It is, of course, possible to play the online scrabble alone or to face real players.

Apple Scrabble EA
The official website of the Scrabble Federation
Unfortunately, no reference is made to the online games.
The Federation has not developed a tool to play online scrabble without downloading, whether it be a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.
The site allows only to consult the calendar of the next tournaments, but these concern only the real parts.
Variants of the online scrabble: alternative solutions to play scrabble online without downloading the stunny scrabble online.
Wordox on Facebook
To find a good game of scrabble type on Mac or PC, free scrabble and without download, it is necessary to turn to the social networks.
Facebook indeed proposes Wordox, halfway between the scrabble and the strategy game: the letters placed on the easel are familiar to all players. When your turn comes to play, form a word by stealing the letters already posted by your opponents!
Simply log via your Facebook account and then authorize the promotion code app.
There are over 500,000 online scrabble users every month, from every level: from beginner to crossword puzzler, everyone will enjoy it

Wordox FB
Classic Words, to play from your mobile
Available for Apple or Android devices, this application can be downloaded for free.
The online scrabble game, a principle similar to that of the classic Scrabble, allows you to solo player on tablet or smartphone.
The interface is nice to use; it is only a shame that we can not play with other connected.
Word Crack: reflection and speed
Word Crack is a Scrabble-based letter game that is available on Facebook, but also via a downloadable app on the Apple Store (or Google Play for players with an Android device).
Here, a grid of letters appears on the screen: it is up to you to form as many words as possible, joining the letters of the grid with your finger. You can form words horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
You face other scrabble online players present online at each game, including 3 rounds of two minutes each. So be quick! The individual that found the most words as they play scrabble online in the grid wins the game.

The duplicate online
Among the download versions with registration, there is the Duplicate Online, which allows you to play online scrabble on a plateau identical to that of free scrabble: size, the layout of bonuses, etc.
This variant consists of playing a single game, attempting to score the highest possible score each time, depending on the letters on the easel and the configuration of the grid.
The online scrabble game certainly has a slightly old-fashioned design, when compared to Scrabble Pro for example. The latter is acclaimed for its interface, but it requires a registration AND a software download.
What to put off the players wanting to do only a small part to relax.
Since the Internet explosion, the online scrabble has appeared on the web and offers besides being free of many features. Playing a free scrabble alone against the computer, training you, playing duplicate, playing scrabble via the internet against other players, these are the many possibilities available to you.The scrabble online has evolved a lot and is marketed in more than 120 countries and translated into nearly 40 languages.

Online Scrabble • Play Online Scrabble Word Game Free Today!

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